Wellness Program

Vaccines for Life Wellness Program

A pet (dog, cat, puppy or kitten only) enrolled in the Free Vaccines for Life Plan (the Plan) with a current Annual Wellness Examination (as outlined in the enrollment form) will receive species appropriate vaccinations included in the plan at no additional cost.

  • An Annual Wellness Examination, performed by a veterinarian at Monroe Animal Care Hospital, is required every year for pets over 4 months and is required every 3 weeks for pets under 4 months of age.
  • There is a per pet “enrollment” fee.
  • If your pet is past due for an Annual Wellness Examination or a puppy/kitten Wellness Examination, enrollment in the plan will be considered expired and you may re-enroll at the current enrollment fee if the program is still being offered.
  • A fee is incurred for Annual Wellness Examinations as well as for puppy/kitten Wellness Examinations.
  • The plan does not include any products or services other than vaccinations.

The free vaccines include:

Canine Plan Vaccines
__ Puppy series boosters (DHPP or DHLPP) 
__ Annual or tri-annual Rabies
__ Annual or tri-annual DHPP
__ Annual Leptospirosis (if appropriate)
__ Bordetella

Feline Plan Vaccines
__ Kitten series boosters FVRCP
__ Annual Rabies

Other Services performed and/or products purchased at the time of the examination/visit are NOT free and are provided at an additional cost. These additional costs include services and products such as heartworm tests, intestinal parasite examinations, de-worming, flea treatments, heartworm prevention and feline leukemia/aids tests, etc…

Special order vaccines or vaccines not mentioned above (those NOT routinely recommended such as Lyme and Feline Leukemia) are NOT included. A charge would be incurred for these vaccinations.

For many reasons, we strongly recommend a 10 month check-up for puppies, and for pets 7 years and over, a Senior Wellness Examination every 6 months. These visits are not required for participation in the Plan, however, and vaccinations given would be covered. We’d be happy to discuss why we recommend these visits for the health of your pet

Free Vaccines for Life Plan
Common Questions and Answers
** The plan is non-transferable, refundable, or exchangeable for any reason**

* If I purchase the program from you can I use it at any other veterinarian?

No, the Free Vaccines for Life is offered exclusively at Monroe Animal Care Hospital.

* If I have more than one animal do I get a discount on any other animals?

No, we do not offer any discounts to go along with the Plan, it is a one-time fee per pet, per owner.

* Can I transfer the policy to another pet?

No, the policy is for one pet.

* If my pet dies or runs away, shortly after purchasing the policy can I get a refund?

No. We do not give refunds after purchase for any reason.

*If I give or sell my pet to a new owner, with the new owner be able to use the policy I purchased?

No. If the new owner would like to participate in the Vaccines for Life Program, they would need to purchase their own policy.

*What happens if I do not bring my enrolled pet for a Wellness Exam before the due date?

For all pets, if you do not bring the enrolled pet in for a Wellness Examination within 30 days of the due date (1 year from the previous Wellness Examination for adults or 3 weeks from previous puppy/kitten visit for pets under 4 months of age), your policy for that pet then becomes void. You will be charged for any vaccines from that point on. If The Plan is still being offered, you may re-enroll your pet at the current rate. Your adult pet is due a Wellness Examination once yearly. We give a 30 day grace period before your enrollment is void.

Thank you for choosing us for your pet health care needs!

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